Round-up investing is a concept where your daily digital transactions are rounded up to the next 10th Rupee and the difference amount is invested in a diversified mutual fund portfolio.


E.g, You pay Rs. 223 at a coffee shop using UPI. You’ll get a SMS from your bank with the transaction details. Numbr will analyse that transactional SMS and roundup Rs. 223 to Rs. 230 and invest Rs. 7 of your behalf. 

Your money is invested in ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Growth. 

You can check more on the scheme here.

AutoPay (e-Mandate) is a payment service initiated by RBI and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).


To automatically invest your Round-ups, you need to allow Numbr to auto debit your account. AutoPay is fully secured as it’s hosted by the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Numbr is regulated by SEBI and licensed by AMFI with ARN-178038. 

We follow strict security checks and use bank grade security to transmit data.

100%. Your money is directly deposited to BSE and then to the mutual fund house. It never touches Numbr’s bank account, hence we do not have any control over your money.

You can withdraw your money anytime 24X7

No, we do not charge anything. Neither for investments, not for withdrawals.

As per the regulations, a person needs to be KYC compliant to invest in mutual fund. 


In case you’re not (start account setup process to check), you can start the process from the app itself. Just follow the steps on the app and sit tight. Your KYC will be verified and approved within 5-6 business days.

Numbr only analyses your transactional SMS and does not dive into your other messages.

Because Ovest Technology Pvt Ltd is the parent company of Numbr.


In a case where the spent amount is already a multiple of 10 (₹20, ₹40, ₹100 etc.) we roundup the amount to the next ₹10. Hence, on a spending of ₹40 the round-up would be ₹10.

We analyse transactional SMSes through certain patterns. As there are tens of banks with hundreds of SMS patterns, sometime our algorithm fails to analyse specific SMSes. Drop a mail at or raise a support ticket and we’ll solve this for you.


We deduct round-ups from your bank account once or twice per week. The frequency depends on the amount accumulated through round-ups.

Please note that it can take upto 3-4 business days for your money to reflect in your portfolio. This is the standard time frame for mutual funds units to be allocated.

Not to worry. Use our in app support feature in the Profile section or write to us at