Save spare change
and grow your money, effortlessly.

Numbr helps save and invest your
spare change, as little as ₹1 with
Chutta Saving tool.

How does this work?

morning coffee

Everytime you
make a transaction


we'll roundup the amount to the next 10 rupee


and invest the
difference amount

Investing has never
been easier

Start investing with as low as ₹1

Invest any amount multiple of ₹1 from your daily
round-ups. No large capital required to start investing.
*First investment will be ₹100.

Instant Redemption

Withdraw your investment anytime without any exit load.
You can withdraw 90% of the total value instantly, rest will be
credited to your bank account the next day.

Don't just take our words

I used to end up spending my whole salary. But now, with Numbr, I save on every transaction I make. The saved money also gets invested into a mutual fund. I wasn’t sure how to start investing. But with Numbr, it's so easy.
Raghav Garg

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Savings are built over time but it only takes a few minutes to take control of your finances and secure your future.


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