What is Numbr and how does it work?

Numbr app

It’s extremely hard to save money when hundreds of luring shopping ads and push notifications poke you on your screen. Numbr is an android app that helps you save your digital spare changes after every transaction.

This Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) registered personal finance app simplifies saving and investing in mutual funds for the Indian millennials by rounding up the spare changes after every spend/ transaction and auto invests the spare change in a low-risk well return mutual fund.

spare change investment


  • You’ve ordered food online and paid Rs 123 
  • Numbr Understands your spending and rounds up the spending amount to the nearest rs 10. I.e Rs 130
  • Numbr auto-debits Rs 7 (spare change/ Chillar) from your account and auto-invest in a low-risk mutual fund whose average return goes higher than the savings bank account and fixed deposits
  • Voila! Passively and quite easily your money got invested and made you richer.

Through the “Quick invest” option, you can top up your investment portfolio with a lump sum.

Apart from the above features, this app also helps you to keep a track of your past expenses and allows you to withdraw your invested money quickly without charging any exit load fees.

This makes it very friendly and easier for the users to save as they spend.

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